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  • Thomas Schlijper photographs and publishes street photography from Amsterdam on a daily basis since 2000. At least once, but usually a few times a day he will update his website schlijper.nl and this app with fresh photos from Amsterdam. Or from Tel Aviv or elsewhere. 365 Days a year.

    In this app you can easily browse through the most recent 400 photos and videos, resize photos by pinching them and swipe to move through the collection.

    Website: schlijper.nl
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Twitter: @schlijper
    • Swipe left to browse to the next photo.
    • Tap once to show title and menu.
    • Pinch to resize the photo.

    Web app version 1.0.0. Built by contentecontent.com, Amsterdam.

    The first schlijper.nl app was launched in 2009.

    Copyright all photos Thomas Schlijper. All rights reserved. No photos or any other part of this app may be copied and/or distributed without explicit permission from the author.

    Please send an e-mail if you wish to use a photo.

    Many thanks to these kind people for their generous donations:

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    • Hans Konings
    • Elvin van Baal
    • Jan Schenk
    • Maarten Reijnders
    • Leonard Walpot
    • F M Jansen
    • L Brons
    • M W F M Schweitzer
    • Floris Looijesteijn
    • Reinoud van Leeuwen
    • L de Jong
    • J Padding
    • E B Tamminga
    • Ettiena Borgman
    • N C Arkesteijn
    • Tal Gonen
    • Hans Jonkhof
    • Ester Fabriek
    • A Arnoldussen
    • H Bolk en T Tran
    • Tim Knol
    • Ludo Struijk
    • Kees Kraakman
    • M Mulder-vd Heide
    • Chio the dog
    • J Visser